Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2nd Grade ELA--ALL Assessments Bundle Packet- Everything You Need

I know as a teacher it can become overwhelming with everything that is going on each week- staff developments, staff meetings, grade level meetings, RTI planning, Parent Teacher Conferences, PLC meetings, IEP meetings, and the big one WEEKLY LESSON PLANNING.  When you finally get the chance to sit down and plan for your little learners. What do you do? Get out that pacing guide and look to see what you are going to have to cover in the next few weeks- and that is where this 295 page ELA Common Core Assessments Packet will come in handy quick and get your planning done in a snap.
You could spend hours looking for the right assessment- I know- as a second grade teacher myself for 18 years I have done that in the past-but that is in the past - Now I just get out my ELA Assessments Binder  and planning is a cinch- that is why my sister and I created this packet- to help save teachers time- to make planning easier and quicker. Check it out!!!
EACH PAGE has the standard domain and number in the right hand corner
& the " I CAN" statement too :)

 CLICK HERE to get these
awesome assessments
for your common core teaching!!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Well it's turning green in our classrooms- we are getting ready for the week of
 St. Patrick's Day- and the kiddos are having the best time. We have our hundreds charts up on the wall.
Click on the link to get our hundreds charts.
St. Patrick's Day Hundreds Charts

We our working on our writing and sequencing. What would you do if you had a pot of gold?
The kiddos went brainstorming and they came up with the cutest ideas.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Compound Words

What a week we have been having. Wearing capris and flip flops in February!!!! This Tennessee weather. You've got to love it. This week we have been super busy constructing compound words. 
This is one of the kiddos favorite lessons.  They love Compound Connor.
I always introduce him at the very beginning of the lesson and we use him all week long for our exit tickets. After his wonderful introduction and the intro
lesson all about compound words, he has a problem that he shares with us.... He needs our help!!!!!

Compound Connor needs our help constructing compound words. I made this video using
Chatter Pix. The kids just love it when I put their names in the video. It really draws them in and gets them involved with the learning.
Then it's time for us to get to work. This is where my differentiated lesson comes into play. Differentiation is based on the premises that student learn in different ways. Because of this, I had to provide them with a number of different options for learning. Even before my lesson brgan, I did a pre-assessment to divide my students into the correct groups. Each grouphad a different level of compound words. From the lowest level with picture cards, the middles levels with words and pictures, to the upper level with only words and making sentences with those words. The kids were having such a great time. While they were working, I put on some construction noise to help us along with our lesson. It really got them involved with their work. Click on picture below for construction noise. 

Construction noise (Click on picture) 
After we find our compound words, we list them on our work mats for us to check and go over.

We also do a dump truck matching game throughout the week to help reinforce the lesson and for extra practice for anyone who may need it.

All of these activities is in our Compound Words Unit along with an anchor chart and a few more compound construction themed worksheets to go along with our lesson throughout the week.

  I used this lesson during an evaluation and it was a complete hit!!! 

For some more compound word worksheets, check out our freebie.
Click on picture
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

50th Day of School Activities

We finally made it to the 50th Day of school. We have been counting down the days!!! The kiddos were so excited!!
 To start 50's day off, we went to our city museum and saw items that were used in our past. This was a great way to learn about how things were then and how they are different now when we got back to our classroom.
                 We learned about the clothes they wore and the schooling they received way back when......
We had a blast doing our 50's day activities....We loved the numbers hidden picture during math time.

From Coke Floats,Poodle Skirts and our boy and girl craftivity....Our day was packed with great games and
a Rockin' Sock Hop.......
We loved counting by 5's to 50 during our Snack Time.

We also had a special visitor enter the building for songs and pictures....... 
We had a wonderful day!!!!!!! 
All the activities we did came from our 50th Day of School Freebie.
Click on picture to download!!!

Now it's time to count to 100 !!!
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