Monday, September 30, 2013


When your looking for nouns
and you have no activity to do,
                 you can always go to                  
 "Noun Town"

I wanted to share some nouns activities that we did this week in our classroom. I love teaching nouns because you can do so much with this lesson. I can't take credit for this one, found this idea somewhere and had to do it. Here is our noun town that we are getting started on. We did this as a group project in our classroom. I divided the classroom into groups. I gave each group a set of index cards. Each group had to draw me a person, place, and a thing. Then we glued them down onto a piece of construction paper and then glue the construction paper on a big piece of bulletin board paper. My kiddos loved it.
Pirate Noun Scavenger Hunt 
ARRRRRR you ready to find nouns????
The most fun the students had was doing the nouns scavenger hunt. We pretended we were pirates looking for nouns. I played this music as we went around the room.

This fit well with Halloween just around the corner.We have watched this several times since. The class went around the room with their pirate noun worksheet, a FREEBIE for you. Click on the worksheet to download.
 You could also use this youtube video,same music just different picture, if your not doing this lesson around Halloween.

I also came across a wonderful website that had a lesson that went with the introduction of a noun.

Great website check it out: Click picture. It has a ton of different lessons. Great for an evaluation lesson. Hope your week is off to a good start!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Bulletin Board

Hey Ya'll, It's Fall!! I wanted to share a cute board that we did last year for Halloween. Tissue paper is in this year and it is cheap and easy to use. Two of my favorite things to say when your talking about decorating, especially for your classroom. 

    For this board, we bought 3 packs of orange tissue paper at Hobby Lobby for the pumpkin. Use that 40% of coupon ladies!!! I would use it and then Misty,my sister, would use it again behind me from my phone and get it cheaper!!! For the green stem, we used spray glue and green glitter, but if you keep an eye out, sometimes Hobby Lobby will have green glitter paper back in the scrapbook section. Even easier!!  The mouth and eyes of the pumpkin is black construction paper cut with a circle die cut at school. If you don't have a die cut machine at your school, you could just cut circles out yourself. The ghost are cut out as well in the same way.You could just write your students name on the ghost, or another cute idea is to use big ghost and have your students write a Halloween story on it or a display to showcase their work. 

  To make the pumpkin:

You need take each sheet of your orange tissue paper and cut it in half. We tried using the whole sheet, but it stuck out to far on the board, so cutting it in half is key here.
 Start at the bottom. Staple 4 or 5 sheets to start the base of the pumpkin and start working your way up.
 The green stem is stapled on as well.
 The eyes and mouth are put on with tape.
Didn't take but about 20 minutes to complete and only cost about $5  to make. You can't beat that!! Quick, easy and cheap!!!   If you like these boards, check out our other tissue boards that you can do throughout the year on our pinterest page:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Counting by 2's,5's and 10's

My students just love this video. We watch it throughout the year. I wanted to share it with you so your kiddos could enjoy it too. A great way for them to remember skip counting. This is a great resource and addition to your collection.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WHOOOOOOOOO ready for Fall?  We are! We love this time of year. Harvest Festivals, beautiful weather, Halloween, trick or treating. One of the best times of the year. Check out our newest additon to our TPT collection. This is one of the four hundreds charts included on our Halloween Hundreds hidden pictures collection. A great way to celebrate the upcoming holiday.
                                          Check us out at:
                            Halloween Hundreds Hidden Pictures

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Apple Bulletin Board- Teaching Times 2

Ms. Misty's 2nd Grade Apple Tissue Paper Bulletin Board- I used white crayon to write their names around the apple and made green glitter leaves to put on topGreat for a September Back to School Board.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Classroom Ideas!

 I wanted to share our blog post that we did when we did a blog swap with Ms. Amy in Teaching In Blue Jeans. We had a blast doing this and wanted to share our post with you.
 I know everyone  is getting ready for back to school or maybe you have already started like we have. Two weeks in!! Only 170 more days to go, but who's counting...I have been teaching for 14 years but for the past 5 have put my roots down it first and love it. I have a twin sister that teaches second grade right across the hall. So I hope you liked me in first because your going to see me again next year. LOL.. She's a great teacher and gets many requests at the beginning of the year. I'll toot her horn just a little. She's the other part of our blog from Teachingtimes2. I was wanting to share some ideas from my classroom that I hope would be helpful for a new school year.
If your like our school, everything gets moved out in the summer time from our classrooms to clean the floors and such.. It's at this time I get the itch for something different in my room, I'll start suffering the internet for new ideas and pictures to inspire me. This year all it took was one sign and I was hooked:
Hobby Lobby is my second home. I pay rent there monthly for as much time that I am there and as much as I spend, at least that is what my husband says. I found this sign there and found my next room. Usually, I always go with a theme in my room.,ocean,frogs,bees,bears, but finally decided after seeing this sign to go with colors instead of a theme. So after purchasing it, I bought accessories that matched. A lot of blues and greens.I also recently fell in love with washi tape as well. Had no clue what it was until recently and now it is washi mania in my room. You can use it anywhere:
On your computers......

 on your bins.........

on your wall....

On your Mailboxes.....

Even the kitchen sink.Well.... maybe not the kitchen sink, but the
mirror above it anyway.
I also have become quite the "Command Hook Commando" in my room. You can do anything with Command hooks.

Use command hooks to hold your standards up on your board..

Use them as a headphone holder for your computers...

I even use the picture command hook strips on my fabric in my room, beats velcro hands down.
Whatever color or theme you choose this year, also think of the little things like washi tape and command hooks to finish the look off.  I also wanted to share with you my "Must Haves" this year for the beginning of the year. One of them is my "SECRECT WEAPON". Every teacher must have a Secrect Weapon. You know the one I'm talking about. It is the one thing that you can always turn to that will never let you down in terms of classroom management. Well, if you don't have one then look no further, I have the answer for you and here it is.
WHAMMMM!Looks so innocent doesn't he.
Well, he really is but he has become the most valuable assest in my room. You push his foot and he will play music and flop his ears up and down. Students will do anything to get to push him. I bought him and a yard sale and he has been the best$1.00 investment I ever made.
One more must have this year are my Bloom's Taxonomy Posters that I made in the summer.

I got so tired of running back to my lesson plan to make sure that I used  different words throughout my lessons to hit different learners. These are very helpful for me and my students. You can make your own or check out ours. Sooo glad I made these.
However you fix your room or whatever becomes your "Secret Weapon" this year,  I hope that you have a wonderful school year and stop by and visit us  throughout the year.
Thanks, Kristy Pruett From

Sunday, September 01, 2013

TPT Labor Day Sale!!

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