Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Bulletin Board

Hey Ya'll, It's Fall!! I wanted to share a cute board that we did last year for Halloween. Tissue paper is in this year and it is cheap and easy to use. Two of my favorite things to say when your talking about decorating, especially for your classroom. 

    For this board, we bought 3 packs of orange tissue paper at Hobby Lobby for the pumpkin. Use that 40% of coupon ladies!!! I would use it and then Misty,my sister, would use it again behind me from my phone and get it cheaper!!! For the green stem, we used spray glue and green glitter, but if you keep an eye out, sometimes Hobby Lobby will have green glitter paper back in the scrapbook section. Even easier!!  The mouth and eyes of the pumpkin is black construction paper cut with a circle die cut at school. If you don't have a die cut machine at your school, you could just cut circles out yourself. The ghost are cut out as well in the same way.You could just write your students name on the ghost, or another cute idea is to use big ghost and have your students write a Halloween story on it or a display to showcase their work. 

  To make the pumpkin:

You need take each sheet of your orange tissue paper and cut it in half. We tried using the whole sheet, but it stuck out to far on the board, so cutting it in half is key here.
 Start at the bottom. Staple 4 or 5 sheets to start the base of the pumpkin and start working your way up.
 The green stem is stapled on as well.
 The eyes and mouth are put on with tape.
Didn't take but about 20 minutes to complete and only cost about $5  to make. You can't beat that!! Quick, easy and cheap!!!   If you like these boards, check out our other tissue boards that you can do throughout the year on our pinterest page:

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