Monday, September 30, 2013


When your looking for nouns
and you have no activity to do,
                 you can always go to                  
 "Noun Town"

I wanted to share some nouns activities that we did this week in our classroom. I love teaching nouns because you can do so much with this lesson. I can't take credit for this one, found this idea somewhere and had to do it. Here is our noun town that we are getting started on. We did this as a group project in our classroom. I divided the classroom into groups. I gave each group a set of index cards. Each group had to draw me a person, place, and a thing. Then we glued them down onto a piece of construction paper and then glue the construction paper on a big piece of bulletin board paper. My kiddos loved it.
Pirate Noun Scavenger Hunt 
ARRRRRR you ready to find nouns????
The most fun the students had was doing the nouns scavenger hunt. We pretended we were pirates looking for nouns. I played this music as we went around the room.

This fit well with Halloween just around the corner.We have watched this several times since. The class went around the room with their pirate noun worksheet, a FREEBIE for you. Click on the worksheet to download.
 You could also use this youtube video,same music just different picture, if your not doing this lesson around Halloween.

I also came across a wonderful website that had a lesson that went with the introduction of a noun.

Great website check it out: Click picture. It has a ton of different lessons. Great for an evaluation lesson. Hope your week is off to a good start!!!
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