Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Freebie

The Thanksgiving season is approaching us and it has us start thinking about what is important in our lives and the things we are most thankful for. Mine is my family...

What are you thankful for this season?? I have my little firsties do a writing project each year about what they are thankful for. We have a yearly Thanksgiving lunch at our school. After lunch, we invite the families  to our classroom and I let the students read to their family what they are thankful for and we sing a few Thanksgiving songs for them. The parents just love this!!!

                                I wanted to share it with you..
                              Click here for FREEBIE
I also wanted to share a few videos that I will be showing this week in our Thanksgiving lesson.
 This one is so cute!! It explains what the first Thanksgiving was all about on a child's level.
I also love this story by David Milgrim called Thank You Thanksgiving.  In this story, a little girl goes on a last-minute errand for her mother. Along the way, she thanks all the familiar things that she loves. And when she gets home from her errand, her family thanks her for what she has brought.  It leaves no doubt about how much there is in this world to be thankful for.
The last video is one I use to get a little exercise going in our classroom.
Let's get PHYSICAL!!!
A great way to get the kids moving !!!
This cute song is by Harry Kindergarten Music . Cute, cute, cute!!!

Monday, November 04, 2013

Pumpkin Taste Testing Freebie

Pumpkins here-pumpkins there- pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. Hey everyone we had a busy week last week, but it was SO MUCH FUN. Let's take a look back at our fun-filled events. We have been talking all about pumpkins - the life cycle of a pumpkin- and stages-we even carved a pumpkin and the students got to scoop out the seeds with their hands- it was great!!  We called him Petey the Pumpkin. We had some first timers in our class- they loved it!!!   The last activity with pumpkins we did was on Thursday with our pumpkin taste testing party.  We taste tested 4 kinds of foods that have pumpkin as an ingredient- you know at first I had the little miniature candy corn pumpkins and some large marshmallows that were shaped like pumpkins- but when I looked at the ingredients pumpkin was not anywhere- so I had to go hunting in our local grocery store and found a pre-made pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies. I found a bag of pumpkin seeds at the local Dollar General.
 After we tasted tested our pumpkin foods we graphed them on a big graph for our room and we also completed a bar graph practice sheet that went along with our lesson.

 You can download    this         Freebie Here .
                                                       Have Fun and Enjoy

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