Saturday, January 25, 2014

Show and Tell Friday

               17 first graders + 2 ferrets = FUN FRIDAY
We had such a great show and tell this week. One of our students brought her favorite pets for her show and tell.

We welcomed Scamper and Boomer to our room. They were the main attraction. They fit right in with all of my little firsties. They were eager beavers to see and learn about them.
                               This is their favorite toy. Who would've guessed it,a WalMart sack!!!
 Before our star guests arrived, we wrote down some questions on the board of what we wanted to learn about the ferrets before they arrived. Our questions ranged from wanting to know what they eat to have you ever lost them in the house?  Firsties are very curious critters themselves. They came up with several ideas before it was all over with.
Ferrets Facts That We Learned:
1. They like to sleep a lot during the day.
2.  They eat mostly protein.
3.  They do not have very good vision.
4. They chatter when they talk to each other.
5. The kids favorite- they poop in a litter box.
After today, I know they went home and had a good long nap.
And after this wonderful show and tell, I DID TOO!!!!

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