Sunday, March 09, 2014

2nd Grade Common Core Math Assessments

 I am so happy to have finished our 2nd Grade Common Core Math Assessments Packet! It's a brand new product!! This packet is SO easy to implement and requires absolutely NO PREP!  Just PRINT the pages and TEACH! There are 160 student assessment pages- that is actual student pages- use them for practice or in centers- they are very versatile!!!  The packet even includes 26 divider pages with standard number objective and 1 cover page for your math binder if needed- so the packet has 187 pages- WOW!!! Everything you need in one place!!!  

          2nd Grade Common Core Math Assessments- Teaching Times 2

Here is all the assessments that comes with the packet.

***2.OA- Operations and Algebraic Thinking***
√ 4 pgs. one step word problems addition (without regrouping)
√ 4 pgs. one step word problems subtraction (without regrouping)
√ 4 pgs. one step word problems addition (with regrouping)
√ 4 pgs. one step word problems subtraction (with regrouping)
√ 2 pgs. one step word problems addition and subtraction 
(with and without regrouping)
√ 4 pgs. 2 step word problems addition and subtraction
√ 2 pgs. Write addition and subtraction number sentence for a given number, Write yes if the number sentences is true-write no if false, Write a number sentence for each problem solving question
√ 2 pgs. of Draw/Write different combinations of number sentences for a given number
2.OA.2- Math Facts to 20
√ 2 pgs. addition facts (0-5)
√ 2 pgs. subtraction facts (0-5) 
√ 2 pgs. addition facts (0-10)
√ 2 pgs. subtraction facts (0-10)
√ 2 pgs. addition facts (0-20)
√ 2 pgs. subtraction facts (0-20)
2.OA.3- Odd/even /comparing objects
√ 3 pgs. circling objects in groups of twos to determine if the amount given is an even or odd amount
√ 4 pgs. identifying numbers and groups of objects as odd or even
2.OA.4- Arrays
√ 7 pgs. writing an addition sentence that goes with each array/ drawing objects to make a array for a given number

***2.NBT- Number Operations/Base Ten***
2.NBT.1– Hundreds, tens and ones- place value 
√ 2 pgs. counting base ten blocks and write the number in number words(word form)
√ 2 pgs. write the number that is represented by ex.
3 hundreds 2 tens 5 ones
√ 1 pg. counting base ten blocks and write the number in word form and write the number that is represented ex. 3 hundreds 2 tens 5 ones
√ 2 pgs. circle the value of the underlined number 
ex. 325- 2 20 200
2.NBT.2- Count within 1000 by 5’s, 10, 100’s
√ 4 pgs. counting by 5’s to 1000
√ 4 pgs. counting by 10’s to 1000
√ 2 pgs. of counting by 100’s to 1000
√ 2 pgs. Fill in the missing numbers starting at different given numbers to 1000
2.NBT.3- Expanded Form/Base Ten to 1000
√ 4 pgs. of write a number in expanded form, word form and base ten blocks
2.NBT.4- Comparing 2 three digit numbers with ,<,>,=
√ 4 pgs. write <,>,or =
2.NBT.5- Add and subtract within 100
√ 2 pgs. of breaking the numbers into tens and ones for adding or subtracting (1 pg for addition and 1 pg for subtraction)
√ 2 pgs of addition within 100
√ 2 pgs. of subtraction with 100
√ 1 pg. of addition and subtraction mixed with 100
2.NBT.6- Adding four two digit numbers 
√ 4 pgs. of adding 4 two digit numbers
2.NBT.7- Adding and subtracting with 1000
√ 2 pgs. of breaking the numbers into hundreds, tens, and ones for adding and subtracting (1 pg. for addition and 1 pg. for subtraction)
√ 2 pgs. 3 digit addition
√ 2 pgs. 3 digit subtraction
√ 1 pg. 3 digit addition and subtraction
2.NBT.8- Mentally add or subtract 10 or 100 
√ 2 pgs adding 10 or 100 to a given number
√ 2 pgs subtracting 10 or 100 to a given number
√ 2 pgs. adding and subtracting 10 to a given number
√ 2 pgs. adding and subtracting 100 to a given number 
√ 5 pgs. adding and subtraction 10 or 100 to a given number 
2.NBT.9- Explain addition and subtraction strategies
√ 2 pgs fact families
√ 5 pgs Explain your number sentence answer with drawings, words or numbers

*** 2.G-Geometry***
2.G.1- Attributes of 2-d and 3-d shapes
√ 2 pgs 2-d shapes (pentagon, hexagon, octagon ,rectangle, triangle, square, and circle)
√ 2 pgs 3-d shapes
√ 1 pg. quadrilaterals
2.G.2- Partitioning a rectangle
√ 3 pgs partitioning a rectangle into a given number of rows/columns
√ 2 pgs how many rows and columns 
2.G.3- Halves, thirds, fourths- fractions
√ 4 pgs halves, thirds and fourths 
√ 1 pg identifying fractions

*** 2.MD- Measurement and Data***
2.MD.1- Appropriate tool
√ 2 pgs choose the appropriate tool to measure the real world object (1 pg with a meter stick and 1 pg without a meter stick)
2.MD.2- Measuring same object twice 
√ 1 pg of class rulers
√ 2 pgs measuring objects twice using inches and centimeters
2.MD.3- Estimate length
√ 2pgs estimating length of real world objects(1 pg with meters, 1 pg without meters)
2.MD.4- Length difference
√ 2 pgs of comparing objects on a ruler and telling their difference
2.MD.5- Measurement word problems
√ 2 pgs addition and subtraction word problems with the same measurement
2.MD.6- Number line
√ 2 pgs representing addition and subtraction sentences to 100 on a number line
√ 1 pg filling in the missing numbers on the number line to 100
2.MD.7- Telling Time
√ 3 pgs. identifying the time on a clock and writing the hands on clock to represent a given time
2.MD.8- Money
√ 2 pgs identifying amounts of coins
√ 2 pgs money word problems
2.MD.9- Line plotting
√ 3 pgs of line plotting with measurement ( 1 page with given measurements-
2 pgs the students has to measure with ruler and then line plot the measurements)
2.MD.10- Bar and picture graph
√ 2 pgs bar graphing
√ 2 pgs picture graphing
You can get this great packet by clicking on the TPT button below!! 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Shapes Mini Lesson

Can you say snow day? Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Since we were home today, I wanted to share one of our math lessons that we did last week. We have been talking about 2D and 3D shapes in our room. I wanted to do a small review mini lesson since I had one student who was out with the flu and totally missed the shape unit. So this is what I came up with and the kids had a ball. We first started with the My 3D shapes booklet.
The kids had to draw the shape, draw a realworld object of the shape and then write a fact about the shape. The next day, we worked on our cut-n paste shape page.
I thought they did a wonderful job with this one.
We always have to do a hands on lesson with some goodies to eat so on to the marshmallows!!!!!
We first started with the 2D shapes and then went on to complete some 3D shapes as well.
Helpful hint- we left the shapes overnight and the next day the marshmallows were stiffen and hard, so the students were able to baggie their shapes up and take them home the next day.
The kids had a blast doing this activity and my student that had missed also received mastery as well. You just can't beat 100% mastery with this lesson. You can check it out here. Everything you need for a wonderful shapes lesson.
 Click Picture
I couldn't leave without showing our lizard from show and tell. Some of the kids where like, Awesome!! while some of the kids, mostly girls where like , eewwwww! Let's just say, I wasn't the first one in line to hold it. He ate mangos and crickets while he visited. His name is Gizmo and he was very calm and still. I thought he did very well, especially with all my little amazed firsties around him asking a million questions. I have to say, it was a first for me. A lizard for show and tell. But these are the ones the kids love and will never forget about, the ones they learn the most from. So if I have to touch a lizard, then I must. But I'll be thinking EWWWW! the whole time.
What you do for the love of our kiddos!!!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Go Girl Scouts!!!!!

Who doesn't like girl scouts cookies??? My daughter Aniston, on the right, has been a busy bee selling away this year with her brownie troop. Here she is all dressed up like my favorite cookie. Can you guess which one it is??  They look so cute holding their signs. I told them they needed a sign that said EAT US!!! lol. Have you ever noticed how everyone seems to like them? I've been asked at school by other teachers, when are those cookies coming in ????? Please help your local girl scouts out and buy a box today. Or two or three. You know one box will not last long..   You go Girls!!!!

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