Monday, July 14, 2014

Back To School Bulletin Board and letter Freebie

As we get closer and closer to school starting up again (only 3 more weeks for me!) I realized that I needed to start thinking about how I wanted to decorate and organize my classroom for next year. I really want to gather a lot of ideas and share them as well.
 This is one of my favorite boards to do for the beginning of the school year. Thought I would share this board with our wonderful blogger buddies out there on how to put this cutie together. This board will save you $$$$$ and is easy to make. 
1. I drew 2 big apple leaves on half a sheet of green poster board. My wonderful helper then added glue and then the green glitter to make the leaves sparkle. We did all our work on top of a torn trash bag for easy clean up.

2.  I then cut out the stem for the apple with brown poster board. You could just use a brown piece of construction paper. Use what you already have to save $$.
3. To make the red apple, I used red tissue paper. I bought my red tissue paper after Christmas on sale. I like to buy the red and green tissue paper mixed, that way I can save the green for other projects. You will need about 50 sheets of tissue paper give or take.  Cut the tissue paper in half.
4. After all tissue paper is cut, you are now ready to start on your board. I like to use black bulletin board paper for this board, but you can use any color you prefer of have on hand. I use the school's paper that is provided for us, but you can also buy bulletin board paper at your local school supply store. I like to get the fadeless paper for my board outside my door so it will hold it's  color for as long as I need it to.
5. Now, pick up one piece of red tissue paper and fold it together like a book. I then take and scrunch the bottom together to get it ready to staple to the board. 

 6. I first make a single row of about 4 to 5 pieces.
7. Then I start moving up the board a row at a time. Making each row a little wider than the one underneath until about half way up the board.Half way up, I like to outline the top part of the apple with one single tissue row going around to make the outline. 
8. Finish filling in your apple with the red  tissue paper. Staple your leaves and stem to the top of the apple.
9. Now you're ready for your boarder and lettering.

10. Once your board is ready, it is time to write the name of your students on the board. I used a white crayon for this. Here are the letters if you do not have access to a die cut machine for the board.
Now, your class can be "Sweet to the Core".
Click on picture for Freebie
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