Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Walmart Teacher Finds

Well, here we are. School starts next Monday. HOLY COW!!! Did I just say that????? I am still in the summer mode. I went to school yesterday for the first time to get started on my room. I stood at the door and took a deeeeeep breath before I opened it. Because I knew once I opened that door, school had started for me. After I got over that, I seemed to go into this panic mode. I need to go buy something for our room!!!!! So off to Walmart I went. I did find some cutesie stuff I must say.
 I hit the party isle first. Here is the first thing I put in my cart.
How cute are these!!!!!! I an going to use them for the first day of school and take a group picture for my smartboard. It was only $6.00 and is something I can use every year. 
As I went around the corner, I ran into these cute cups. 
They were only $1.47. You can't beat that and they came in all kinds of colors. I thought they would be cute to use to hold paper clips, tacks, etc... at my desk or at my reading table. Stick a cute label on them and your ready.
Another item I found were these cute small bins. I got the teal color, That color is not shown in the picture because I got the last 3. Yeah me!!!! These were only $1.00. Which reminds me that I need to stop at the Dollar Tree on the way home.

 I made my way back to the electronics and ran across these cute hooks. They came in teal, black, and pink colors. They were $4.57. I only got one to check it out and then if I liked it will get some more of these. The word- RESTICKABLE- caught my eye. I went to school and stuck it on the side of my computer to hold the headphones.. It was too cute and worked like a charm. I will have to go back and get some more. Worth the money.
My biggest find of the day was this cute wrapping paper. It is Chalkboard Paper. How cute is that!!!!!! Found it over in the gift wrapping section. Man I really could have used this when I did my Sweet to the Core Bulletin Board. I can think of tons of stuff to do with this!!!!! It was around $4.47 per roll. I can't wait to use it.
I then had to go to the Dollar Tree and stock up on these cute bins for the room. I am using them to hold our "Read Well" reading books and they work like a charm.
Can you tell which ones I got??? I took all the teal they had!!!!!
So, how do you think I did???? Have you found any great deals yet?? Let us know!!!!


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