Sunday, August 17, 2014

2nd Grade ELA Common Core Assessments - All Standards

I am so excited to finally have finished our 2nd Grade ELA Common Core All Standards Assessment Bundle- This packet has everything you need- There are 133 assessments in all- over 240 student pages- some assessemnts are 2 pages long- I only counted these as 1 assessment. There are 46 binder stadard cover pages to fix up your ELA Binder-
 5 cover options!!!
Check it all out below!!!! 

 The Standard and number is written in the right hand corner of each page



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awesome assessments
for your common core teaching!!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Classroom Birthday Flowers

Well, it's the big day tomorrow. The first day of inservice. SOOO excited!!!!!! LOL!! Well maybe not for that, but I am excited about my little firsties coming next week. I've had a great summer but I am ready to jump back into a routine. For some reason when summer comes around that just seems to go out the window for my family. I've already gotten back into the swings of things this past week. I've been a busy bee in my classroom trying to get everything ready. It stresses me out to wait until the last minute. One of the projects I worked on this week was our classroom birthday flowers.

I thought this was a cute way to remember my kiddos birthdays and a sweet treat to give them as well.
This project was super simple and all the supplies were bought at Walmart and Hobby Lobby.
             Hobby Lobby- Sticker letters - $1.50                  
                      Card Stock-$2.00
                        Blue Bucket- $1.40
I got all these deals on the week they were 1/2 off. Can't beat that!!!!
The styrofoam was some that I had left over from a package.- Free
I bought the Lollypop Kit from Walmart in the cake supplies section for $4.57 a box. It took 2 boxes. Each box comes with 12 suckers and stickers.
I first put the stickers on the blue tin bucket. Then I filled the bucket with the styrofoam and some green mesh. I already had that in my classroom, thought it gave it a cute touch. But you can buy that at Walmart as well.
I then used our die-cut machine to cut out the flowers but you can always cut them out yourself if you don't have that available. 
 I simple taped the flower on the back and the flower center on the front. I will write their name and birthday on the front when my kiddos come next week. The Lollypop kit also come with stickers that you can put on the front of the lollypop as well if you would like to use them.

 I then stuck the flower down into the Styrofoam after placing some green mesh to stick in the foam with it.
 I repeated this step until every flower was finished. I made extra for new kiddos that might come in over the year. When you are finished, your birthday boquet is complete and ready for the year. Now all  am waiting for is to write their names on them. Cute and simple!!!




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