Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cute Halloween Craft and Snack ideas

As Halloween draws near,  we start thinking about cute ideas for our Halloween party. Simple craft and snack ideas to take to school parties and events. I wanted to share some cute ideas that students have brought to my classroom parties over the past few years.
A student made this for me last year. How cute is this "Germ Juice" hand sanitizer. Made with ribbon and die cut stickers and letters.
These cupcakes were an eyeballing experience for our Halloween party. Made with a gummy lifesaver and an upside down chocolate chip in the center. 

These witch hat cookies were a hit with my kiddos. Made with a Hershey's Kiss and an upside down fudge striped cookie. It is pasted together with some glitter orange cake gel.

How cute is this hand. A student passed these out for our treat bags. Made with Smarties, a fruit rollup and a simple plastic glove. Cute, simple, and cheap to make.

My class always makes this bag of mixture called "The Witches Brew. Click here on this cute freebie that you can do with your classroom
or for your next Halloween party.

Click picture
Click picture to go to freebie!!
   And of course I had to find some ideas from Pinterest. Who doesn't love Pinterest.

I love these ideas and how simple. I think I might just do these pumpkin teeth for my daughter's class. They would just love these!!!! 
Happy Treating!!!!

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