Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Polar Express Activities

Hope everyone is doing well. This year seems to be just flying by. Maybe it's because I have such a great group of kiddos this year. They are truly a blessing. Next week, we will be having our Polar Express Day in our room. We are so excited!!!! I have already bought the cocoa and the marshmallows for our hot chocolate. I wanted to share with you a few freebie activities that we do in the room each year. Here is the kiddos favorite!!!
You can download this cutie off of  TPT. Click on the picture. It's a hundreds chart hidden picture of the Polar Express train. They will have a blast doing this after watching the movie.
We also wear our P.J.'s and bring our sleeping bags on this special day. The kids really love doing this. Here are a few more freebies for you that I use. Here is a parent note that I send home about our "Polar Express Day." I left one part blank so you could fill in your own day that you will be doing this on. Also their is a coloring sheet freebie for you as well. Click on the picture.
I also like searching the internet for any Polar Express activities. Here is a cute site that has a word search, crossword puzzle, etc.. that you might also enjoy..
Click the picture to go to site. Your kiddos will be ringing their bells after having such a fun day with the Polar Express.
I "BELIEVE", I hope you do too!!!!!!!

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