Saturday, June 13, 2015

Contraction Worksheets and Center Idea

 Ok, can anyone guess where I am?
       I'll give you one guess!!!!!!! 

That's right on Vacation!!!!!!!!!
We just pulled up to our hotel, and what's the first thing we have to do?????
Go hit the beach and feel the sand. We are in for some much needed R and R with everything going on with mom right now. But Misty is holding the fort down while I can  have some family time with the hub and kids.
Don't this picture just make you think you can walk right onto the sand. The water here at Fort Walton is beautiful.  Ya'll come join me. We need to get some blogging buddies together for a teacher beach retreat. 
Before I left home, I found some pics of Ms. Misty's class working on contractions on my phone and wanted to share this very inexpensive activity and freebie.

  How cute and easy it this activity to make. She cut out small strips of poster board and wrote down contraction words. Then she wrote the contractions on clothes pins to match.  For differentiated learning, she had them write the contraction in a sentence. Cute and very inexpensive. This was so simple, I had to make some up for my firsties has well.  I did mine with the contraction- NOT. Click here for NOT poster activity freebie.
I put mine on card stock and then laminated them.
I also made up some ocean contraction worksheets to go with my NOT contraction lesson.

 Can you tell where my mind was already when I made these. Freebie for you!!!!!! Click here.
I've got to go, the water is calling my name and so are the kids. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!

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