Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dare to Dream!!!!

I love this weeks TPT Seller's Challenge!!! It really makes you stop and think what are some of your dreams and what are some ways to reach them. 
My dreams are family/friend driven.

1. Build new teacher/friend relationships- I never knew there was a whole new world outside of the classroom for teachers. If your like me, you've stayed inside your little hole (classroom) and have totally devoted your whole time to your students and since what you have been doing has been working,  why go change and explore???? That's crazy talk right there- Since I have joined TPT and started blogging, a whole new door has opened and I feel like a better teacher because of it. We have met so many new people and have made new friendships along the way. It has been such a blast and I dream for it to continue. 
2. Help my family in times of need-  Recently, my mother was diagnosed with a  terminal lung disease. It has be a very big pill for us to swallow, honestly I don't think Misty and I have yet. I know the days ahead are unknown, so I dream to make the good days the best for her and the hard days managable. Her birthday was last week and she wanted to go out for her birthday. She called and said I am inviting ya'll to my birthday party. I want to go to Chucky Cheese- she wanted to take the grandkids out for her birthday. Mind you this was the first time in over a year that she has gone anywhere other than the hospital, so this was a BIG DEAL for our family. We had a ball!!! Our dream is to spend this quality time with her and help her when times get hard.
3. Become a Better Teacher- I honestly think this should 
be on every teachers list. You are never to old to learn new tricks and we all need to grow as educators and teachers. It's having fun along your teaching journey that counts. Time to step out of our little holes classroom and step out in this journey of learning!!!!!!

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