Friday, July 24, 2015

FOLD on the BOLD - Back to School- 2nd Grade- Math and Literacy Packet

It's only two weeks away until our school starts and we could not be
 more excited!! We just released our new line of products -
Simply fold on the dotted line - work -
then unfold and self check
Kristy and I created and started using these in our classrooms last year during RTI Lessons-Math and Literacy Centers. The skill pages helps target core fundamentals and the self check helps them build confidence. All the teachers loved them and kept requesting and requesting that we make some for K-2 for all the months- so we got busy and are SO proud we did- these are going to benefit us and everyone tremendously
                                                   (Clickable Links Below)
Skills included in this packet are
*Compound Words
*Odd and Even
*Long and Short Vowels
*Time to the Hour
* Complete Sentences
* Skip Counting by 5's and 10's
*Sentence Order
*Addition to 20
*End Marks
*Simple Subtraction
*Problem Solving with simple Addition
*Problem Solving with simple Subtraction
*Number Order

Also included in each 2nd grade packet are
*2 Reading Comprehension pages
*1 ABC Order page
*1 Coloring Fun page
We are beyond excited about our new packets and hope you find them useful as well. We will be blogging in the next few weeks showing  these resources in action. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A School First Week Must Have

A FIRST WEEK MUST HAVE-It's almost that time again- We are so excited about school starting back and trying to get prepared for that first week could be a nightmare- but we organize and prepare every year to make it easy and simple- We always include these hundred charts in our first week of planning- the kiddos just love them. 
Included in our packet is a
school bus- school house- apple with worm and glue/pencil.
Pass out these no-prep pages and watch your little ones have the most fun uncovering their mystery picture.
Here is an example of two finished pages.
 Click here to check out this first week must have
Have a great time getting prepared for the next coming weeks-
It will be here before you know it!

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