Tuesday, November 15, 2016

50th Day of School Activities

We finally made it to the 50th Day of school. We have been counting down the days!!! The kiddos were so excited!!
 To start 50's day off, we went to our city museum and saw items that were used in our past. This was a great way to learn about how things were then and how they are different now when we got back to our classroom.
                 We learned about the clothes they wore and the schooling they received way back when......
We had a blast doing our 50's day activities....We loved the numbers hidden picture during math time.

From Coke Floats,Poodle Skirts and our boy and girl craftivity....Our day was packed with great games and
a Rockin' Sock Hop.......
We loved counting by 5's to 50 during our Snack Time.

We also had a special visitor enter the building for songs and pictures....... 
We had a wonderful day!!!!!!! 
All the activities we did came from our 50th Day of School Freebie.
Click on picture to download!!!

Now it's time to count to 100 !!!
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